And so it begins…

I found out today that tickets for Precipice are finally on sale with Eventfinda !

Thus commences our adventure to the cities beyond!

Seriously, though, it’s starting to feel real. Somehow this is really happening. We, a group of whatever we are (it’s undefinable really), are taking on the big stage of Sky City. In less than a month!

I must admit, it has been a stressful roller coaster of ups and downs and all around craziness. In my next post I will go into this crazy story in a little more detail, but for now I just want to revel in how amazing this all is.

And also just realise that it is a sink or swim moment. Now that we are on this track we need to fly. Two nights only, we need an audience of at least 500 people for each night! Aaaargh!

The thing is, we’re unknown performers, doing something totally unique. The other thing is though, if we get that audience of a thousand odd people, every single one of them will be astounded, maybe even transformed. This show is that powerful.

Crap, we’d better get training…



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