A few weeks ago, the amazing Sasha started a fundraising page on Boosted to help take Precipice to Sky City.
Now, with a couple of days left to go, we have reached our official goal of $2,500!

Of course, in reality we need about ten times that amount.
The other day I read something that rang true. A quote by Michelangelo. Something like ‘the biggest danger is not that we might aim our dreams too high and miss, but that we might aim too low and reach them’.
It makes you think doesn’t it?

Precipice is a show that we have been working on for two years. It is damn near perfect! We have performed it on Waiheke Island (that slice of paradise we call home), and at Michael Park School in Auckland.

After a plan to perform at another school this year fell through, we performed it on Waiheke again, this time at Artworks theatre. I, for one, felt like it might be the last time we did the show.

And then Sky City came within our reach. Talk about dreaming big!

It turned out our ‘sponsor’ was too good to be true.
But something that definitely was not too good to be true is the fact that Precipice is good enough to go to Sky City. Other people out there need to see this.
Every single member of the troupe believes in this show 100%, and every single member of our audience is going to be convinced too.


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