The whole story – Part 1, how ‘Precipice’ was created

Once upon a time (a few years ago), there was us, sitting around talking about what show we would put together next.

An idea came about to have a show for youth. People brought up themes, ideas and songs that they liked; things that meant something to them. Violence, mental illness, suicide, sexuality. All that tough grown-up stuff that isn’t always safe to talk about.

Slowly the show evolved into a powerful message. A message of hope and solidarity. The power of giving voice to silence, and a shared emotional experience for the audience.
The idea is that as children, people are protected from the darker side of the world, but with adolescence and adulthood, we are suddenly confronted with it. Imagine a herd of elephants surrounded by dangerous predators. The little ones stay in the centre of a circle of adults who protect them. Youth must transition from the safety of that centre to the dangerous front line. It’s like standing on the edge of a precipice.

A whole lot of hard work later, we had a show. We performed it, and people came, and cried, and laughed, and loved it.

From the beginning, we have always donated $1 from every ticket to suicide prevention. This will still be the case with the Sky City tickets.

I really hope people come see the show! For their own sake, not for ours. This show has the power to help people. It has created dialogue between parents and children. It has moved hundreds that have seen it. I hope thousands more get that opportunity!
It was healing to make it, and it is healing to watch it.


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