Today the girls had training. We are sharpening up our choreography and technique, not to mention fitness.

For the last week we have done an intense workout every other day, which means that I am back to that old familiar feeling of constant aching muscles. I only realised on Thursday how much grief can actually be caused by a yoga ball…

I still love it though. Getting fitter is worth the pain, especially when there is a whole troupe of co-sufferers working hard and enjoying it alongside you.
Kathy says that the pain of these workouts will only last for a couple of weeks, and we will be physically sweet once Sky City rolls around. I’m looking forward to that!

Yesterday was tough though. No yoga balls, just Kathy’s killer plié and leg-swing/high kick workouts. She’s a hard taskmaster. Must be her physical trainer qualifications. Plus we tweaked some of the choreography and did the moves over and over and over and over again. It is honestly so satisfying working towards a goal.

By the time Ollie arrived to pick up Kathy and Sasha, the girls were all basically collapsed on the floor recovering.
‘I knew it!’ he said (which means he thinks all the girls do is sit around gossiping all the time instead of training).

Ouch of a totally different kind!

But it’s all part of the friendly gender rivalry thing we’ve got going here at troupe. In return the girls mock the boys for having overinflated egos about their (amazing) flipping ability. It sounds bad on paper, but it’s actually hilarious and a LOT of fun.

But in this case, oh Ollie, how wrong you were! We had worked hard and trained hard, don’t you doubt it!


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