Room on the Fat bench

Have you ever felt like you’re fat? I do. Every day (it’s sad really).
All the other girls at Kaleidoscope have felt like that too.
You feel like you are fat, and you see girls around you that seem perfect. It’s an illusion though. The truth is, even the perfect girls feel fat. There’s always more room on the fat bench…

There is something wrong with our society. Women are objectified to the point where we even start to objectify ourselves. Eating disorders, low self-esteem, how do we fight this?

By talking about it and getting other people talking about it.

Operation: Flash Mob !!!

Here are the details of the flash mob we are doing this Saturday. We need numbers so please come along and bring your friends.

We will meet at the University of Auckland in the general library foyer at 1pm, Saturday 8th October to plan the flash mob and hand out a ‘FAT’ sign to each participant. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a ‘FAT’ sign, that’s ok, we will work something out. We will synchronise watches and confirm the final time and location. The flash mob itself will most likely be in Aotea square (weather dependent) later that same afternoon.

The plan for the flash mob itself is very simple. Mill around until you notice the first group of people reveal their ‘FAT’ signs and sit down somewhere. Then pull out your fat sign and go and stand or sit with the other ‘FAT’ people. If you object to wearing a ‘FAT’ sign, that’s ok, just join in the dancing at the end.
Then the ‘PERFECT’ girl will walk past, and reveal that she, too, has a ‘FAT’ sign.
This is when the music starts, and everyone will start to dance. Dance however you like: subtle, crazy, sexy, whatever. The point is to let go and have fun. You can then throw your fat signs away, and stomp on them or whatever, and just celebrate how beautiful we all are, whatever size or shape.

End Flash Mob.

Let’s take back our bodies and our minds!

Text 022 073 0947 if you need more info.


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