Next stop, SkyCity

We are packing the truck. 🙂


It’s all feeling pretty unreal right now. Feelings are running weird down at the KPA shed at the moment, I can tell you.
The energy in the group has been really odd the last couple of weeks. It’s hard to explain the vibe: Not worrying, not surprising, just odd.

On the one hand, we are pooing our pants. The capacity of SkyCity theatre is 700 people. How scary-amazing would it be to perform for that many people. Apparently applause from a crowd that big hits you like a wave.
And the venue! We are just a group of nobodies from Waiheke island. Can we live up to that? SkyCity is sponsoring us! Oh the pressure!

On the other hand, will there be anybody sitting in that huge theatre to watch our show? Advertising has not been as successful as we hoped. What if nobody comes?
Question: What’s even more scary than the thought of a huge audience? Answer: The thought of an empty audience.

There are so many different and unfamiliar winds blowing through the stress-mush that is my brain. I, for one, just want to put my head under the blanket and hide from the world.

But I know deep down that the troupe will pull through all these crazy times. We know this show. Over the last two months we’ve made it even better.
We have sharpened, tightened, honed, trained. Weight has been lost and gained, muscles have been torn and strained. We have suffered, criticised, taken offence, gossiped and … carried on regardless. We have been through emotional hell when our original sponsor turned out to be a really bad guy and got arrested. We are still here though, still fighting, still fundraising.

The people of Waiheke have been so supportive. First Boosted, then raffle prizes, and all the people buying raffle tickets too. Not to mention the people coming over to be part of our audience.
Huge Thank You Waiheke!!! Big Slobbery Kisses!!!!

Kathy reminded us that amongst all this pressure we still have a responsibility to ourselves to enjoy this whole great experience. As such, yesterday’s rehearsal kicked off with the parachute.

An old Kaleidoscope tradition, the parachute is usually reserved for kids, yesterday it was dusted off for the senior troupe. With it, we played crocodile, bubbles, cloud-making. We had a ball. We acted like children, and we so needed it!
At the end, we all took turns in the middle of the parachute, with the rest of the people lifting up the edges to make the middle person fly up in the air and be caught again. Exhilarating, terrifying, liberating. Good, clean, beautiful FUN!

Because we’re about to go and be grown-up professionals at SkyCity, and Precipice will transport and move the audience, no matter how big or small it may turn out to be.


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